about us

OUR story

If we had to describe ourselves in one word, we wouldn’t. Quick and dirty isn’t what you want from your sanitary wall or cleanroom installer. So, here’s seven words:

We care so you don’t have to.

Dedication drives us to excel in sanitary walls, lockers, and laboratory installations, transforming spaces with enduring craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

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our values


We say what we mean and do what we say.


We take care of the customer and each other.  


We never give up. We go the extra mile.


We do the right thing, with a smile.

Our mission

With heritage and client-focused expertise, we transform creativity and innovation into practical solutions and dependable products.

As Belgium's preferred distributor of KUPAN, we bring quality service to your local projects. Our partnership signifies a shared dedication to excellence in every locker turned, wall installed, and lab furnished.

We are committed to deliver the best value to our clients. We’ve worked for the biggest companies in the industry, learning what works and what doesn’t work along the way and use this acquired wisdom to elevate our business to the next level.

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